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  1. Hi Hannahhhh I have a question!
    Do you think you could write a blog post about your hair care? I am very interested about how often you wash your hair/ how you wash your hair (if you use rainwater/cold water/shampoos/conditioners/leave-in products etc.) and how you keep it tamed on the days you don't wash it? Thanks!

    1. Sure! I've done one in the past that addresses hair here (http://floral-and-flannel.blogspot.com/2012/12/nix-rogain-or-how-to-naturally-grow.html), but sometime next week I'll do another that specifically addresses hair care and washing :)

  2. I know this is random because we have never really talked, but I love reading your blog and you've inspired me to overcome my writers block and start up another blog. Thank you!

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you could do a post about your wedding day with pictures and memorable things from your special day! :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Grace!
      I plan to do a wedding post when I get the time to put one together! With school starting it's been difficult to get everything together and we just got our pictures not too long ago!


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